10 Tips for Decorating with Party Lights

10 Tips for Decorating with Party Lights

10 Tips for Decorating with Party Lights

If you’re hosting an evening party outdoors, the right lighting is a must. In this blog, we discuss a few ways to add the perfect lighting for safety reasons and to enjoy a perfect night. So here we go.

When planning an outdoor party, you expect to last well into the night, don’t forget the party lights. A party that starts great will soon fizzle out without the proper lighting; once the sun goes down, it gets dark, and the nighttime sets in. You may feel all your hard work with the preparation, food and decorations was a waste. This is a reason why proper lighting is so important.

Now for the party and your lighting plan. The lighting should include both functional and decorative elements. The main objective of having lights is to provide safety for everyone at the party. However, the party lights you choose, their sizes and colors, and the overall design of your lighting scheme will also help set the tone and create the mood for the evening.

Now for the ten tips that can help you decorate with party lights:

  1. Plan for your guests’ arrival and see what lights are needed to illuminate their path. Guests may not be familiar with your place, so you need to make sure they can see well enough to move around freely without stumbling, slipping, or getting injured. Use rope lights along the walkway to lead your guests to the party area. You can also set up a few portable lamp posts in strategic spots in your yard.

  2. Determine the lighting effects you want and consider your budget along with your personal tastes. Decide if you want to use lights with a steady glow, lights that flicker, lights that pulsate, lights that fade and blend, or a mix of lights that produce different effects. Also, choose a color scheme for the party lights: plain white, multi-colored, or single color.

  3. Consider using standing floor lamps for general lighting purposes. Place them in the corners of your patio or porch. Overhead lights are also excellent solutions but install dimmers to control the intensity of the light.

  4. Create a dreamy, magical, or romantic atmosphere by wrapping a few strands of lights around the base of trees. Install miniature lights on the branches or drape them in shrubbery or hedges. If you have a gazebo or patio umbrella, line their edges with party lights.

  5. Spotlights and floodlights have always been used for safety and security, but you can use them to highlight the special features in your garden. For example, use smaller versions to light up the flower beds or the remarkable architectural aspect of your home.

  6. LED lights are trendy these days. They are inexpensive. They are intensely bright and can provide a good deal of illumination in specific areas.

  7. Consider using solar party lights. They don’t run on electricity, so you can install them just about anywhere without worrying about the source of power and your electric bill.

  8. Dress up your walls with wall lights. Wall lights come in various styles: silver, brass, and wrought iron. Choose a design that complements the style of your home and matches the rest of your outdoor party lights.

  9. Have party lights in the pool area to keep guests from accidentally falling into the water. Also, consider using torches to create a dramatic effect if you have a pond.

  10. Survey your grounds the night before the party. Do a trial run to determine if the party lights you have installed are adequate for people to move around your property and if they can create the atmosphere you want for the party.

We love great parties at A Brilliant Solutions Holiday Lighting, especially those at night. Therefore, we hope you have enjoyed and gained a bit of information on lighting up your yard for your parties.

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