9 Fireworks Safety Tips 2022

9 Fireworks Safety Tips 2022

Firework Safety Tips

The New Year is upon us, and odds are you’ll be celebrating along with millions of other Americans by watching the skies light up with impressive fireworks shows. You may even buy a few consumer fireworks to light off yourself. While this can be an enjoyable tradition, fireworks present a safety hazard. If you plan on lighting off a few fireworks this upcoming New Year’s Eve, then be sure to keep the following ten fireworks safety tips in mind:

•   Make sure that you purchase your fireworks legally. In some states, buying and selling fireworks is illegal.

•   If fireworks are legal in your state, make sure you buy them from a legitimate source. The last thing you should be doing is purchasing fireworks from a random stranger in the alley or out of the back of a car. Purchase your fireworks from a store – a reliable one.

•   Don’t try to make your fireworks. This could lead to a severe accident.

•   Don’t let children play with any fireworks you have purchased. They shouldn’t be anywhere near them when you set them off. No matter what, ensure that only a responsible adult handles the fireworks and supervises the act of setting them off.

•   Do not drink and play with fireworks. This can lead to severe injuries, either to yourself or others. Hold off on those celebratory New Year’s drinks until after you have set off the fireworks.

•   When setting off your fireworks, make sure that you set them off in a safe area. You should be outdoors in a clear space. Make sure there are vehicles, buildings or flammable objects nearby.

•   When handling fireworks, follow several safety precautions: never put them in your pocket and wear protective eye gear when you set them off.

•   Always have water nearby in case of an emergency. If a firework goes off improperly and begins to cause a fire, you’ll want to put it out immediately.

•   If your fireworks don’t work when you’ve lit them, don’t attempt to re-light them. Simply douse them in water as a safety precaution. 

•   Used fireworks should be doused in water before being tossed into the trash.

These are ten safety tips that you should follow if you plan to set off a few fireworks in celebration of the upcoming New Year.

9 Fireworks Safety Tips 2022

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