Choosing The Best Lighting For Your Business

Choosing The Best Lighting For Your Business

How the Right Lighting Helps Your Business

According to Stanford University, lighting accounts for 18 percent of energy use in industrial and commercial buildings. To understand how that impacts your business, consider what kind of lighting you use. If your light fixtures haven’t seen an upgrade within the last decade, it may be time to look at what you can change to reduce energy costs and earn significant savings.

When lighting comes up, most people would agree that there are two primary options that people consider when weighing their options:

Types of Lights, Best Light Bulbs

Compact Fluorescent and Incandescent

Fluorescent lighting is one of the more common bulbs found in commercial buildings. They’re larger in diameter and are relatively cheap in initial costs. Fluorescent is the upgrade to incandescent and provides more light over an area thanks to their Omnidirectional design. The downside to these bulbs is attributed to their aging process. Each time you turn your lights on and off, the bulb’s lifespan is reduced. While the package may indicate that a fluorescent bulb has a potential lifespan of 10,000 hours, the claim was based on tests where the bulb was not turned off.

Incandescent, compact fluorescent, and metal halide are falling out of favor due to the amount of heat they put out, which means you’re spending energy to power your bulb. Still, you’re also spending money to adjust the inside temperature.


Unsurprisingly, many companies opt for LED lights and fixtures to cut costs and improve indoor lighting quality. LEDs provide up to 70 percent better lighting than Fluorescent bulbs and over 100,000 hours of light. In addition, they’re relatively easy to install, and they emit a minuscule amount of heat compared to other types of bulbs.

One of the most significant setbacks that business owners consider is the upfront costs of LED lights versus the standard compact fluorescent that they’ve already been using. Thankfully, technology is ever-changing, and what made LED lights so expensive at first is slowly becoming cheaper, making it easier for businesses with tighter budgets to start switching.

Choose The Best Lighting For Your Business

Lighting efficiency plays a big part in the expenses of your business, then you may realize. Making a switch to LED lighting is an investment at first, but it’s an investment that will grow with your business over the years.

Best Lighting For Your Business During The Christmas Holiday Season

Do you want your business to stand out more than any other? Yes, this is a fabulous idea for attracting new customers. So what do you think? If you agree, let us light up the exterior of your business for the holidays.

What day is today? Is it spring, summer or fall? Of course, the answer will be different for all reading this since you will fall upon this article at any given day and time. But do not worry; you can call us at any time to get on our holiday lighting schedule. If you would rather wait until the season approaches, that’s fine; just make sure to contact us early enough so you can light up your business more than any other and get those new customers in the door sooner than later.

Choosing The Best Lighting For Your Business