Guide To Christmas Holiday Lighting Installation

Are you one of the many who gather the family, hop in the car and drive around the neighborhood to see all of the beautiful Christmas Holiday Lighting?

With the internet accessible, perhaps you search Google to find a list of the homes in your area known for their Christmas Holiday Lighting and Decorations.

Wouldn’t you like to get that incredible feeling knowing your home looks so festive and impressive during the Christmas holiday season? If you want to take the plunge, keep reading this Christmas Holiday Lighting guide to help you achieve the best lighting around.

To achieve the best results that are sure to impress, you must know about the different types of bulbs and the best way to utilize them most efficiently.

LED Christmas Holiday Lights

First, in this article, we talk about LED holiday lights. There are many reasons for this: first, the brilliance of the lights over the traditional bulbs and the second is the energy efficiency, which lowers utility costs.

When it comes to choosing which LED lights are best, you must know that there are a variety of LED bulb shapes and styles, with each having its pros and cons based on how and where they are used.

Residential and commercial Christmas Holiday LED lights can differ with commercial strings generally made of premium components because of the need for higher durability. Commercial premium lights typically have a heavier gauge wire that will connect to a co-axial connection system providing a water-tight connection. In contrast, homeowners doing a DIY lighting project will often purchase cheaper lights, and therefore the warranty is shorter.

How To Choose The Right LED Bulbs

M5 Premium Bulbs

The M5 Premium LED bulb offers a classic look available in a wide array of individual colors. In addition, multi colors of three and five and all-white bulbs are also available. For the best results, these lights are best used on the garland, wreaths, decks, railings, and mid-sized trees and bushes.

5mm Premium Bulbs

These lights are smaller; however, their size is no determination as to the brightness. But, surprisingly, they are super bright. They are available in a wide array of colors, all white and a variety of five together. These bulbs are perfect for wrapping small to mid-size trees and bushes, garland, wreaths.

G12 Premium Bulbs

The G12 premium LED lights are round like a globe and can appear like a string of little berries. They come in a wide array of individual colors, five and six together and red and white for a candy cane look. They are perfect for wrapping bushes, trees, porches, pillars and deck railings. Also great for wreaths and garlands. 

G15 and G25 Bulbs

Both the G15 and G25 are the same shape as the G12 but the higher the number the larger the actual bulbs are.

C6 Bulbs

These lights are considered the Traditional Christmas bulbs with the typical strawberry shape. They are perfect for medium to large-sized bushes, trees, garlands and wreaths. 

C7 Bulbs

The C7 LED bulbs are the same strawberry shape as the C6 but slightly larger. These bulbs are perfect for large trees, wreaths, garlands and along rooflines. 

C9 Bulbs

The C9 LED bulbs are the same shape as the C6 and C7 but are larger. Because of their size, they are perfect for large trees, outlining walkways and rooflines. 

Commercial Grade Christmas Lights

As we mentioned above, commercial-grade Christmas Holiday lights have a heavier gauge wire than residential lighting. As a result, they are more robust and carry more power over longer distances. Please note that Commercial LED Christmas lights require adaptors when installing.

Ready To Start The Christmas Holiday Lighting Installation Process

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