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Make Your Brand Stand Out

Give your commercial business and brand an added lift with LED lighting. Nothing will make your brand stand out better than a custom LED show that displays your colors and your brand. From simple white LED lights to full-color changing shows, you can now customize the exterior of your business, to get your brand noticed.

Invisible LED's All Year Long

Our new LED Inception Lighting is designed to remain in place all year long. The low-profile LED lights will blend in with your building’s trim during the day and then come to life at night. With our energy-saving LED lights you can leave them on all night at a very low cost.

Commercial Customized Exterior Lighting Solutions

Imagine being able to customize the exterior of your building to any holiday or event you are planning. How about promoting an upcoming sale, open house or special event. All of this can be done from any device. You can control your color scheme from anywhere and anytime from any device that has internet access.

If you have multiple locations, you can now synchronize your brand and colors for all locations from one device. You now have total control of your exterior lighting from any device. From simple white lights to a full-color sequence, the combinations are limitless.


Is your commercial building a bit dirty and in need of a good cleaning. We also offer professional power washing services for commercial properties.


Let Your Brand Shine This Holiday Season

SMART Christmas Lighting

LED Lighting That You Can Customize And Control From Anywhere, Anytime!

Manage Multiple Properties
Cloud-Based Control Solution
Customize From Any Device
Real-Time Control Anywhere

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