Long Valley NJ Christmas Light Installers

Long Valley NJ Christmas Light Installers

How to Choose the Best Long Valley NJ Christmas Light Installers

How often have you checked the bulbs in a strand of Christmas lights? Luckily, modern Christmas lights have made fixing strands of lights much more manageable. But, you still have to design, hang, and take down your lights each year. 

What if you could make that easier? You can by hiring New Jersey Christmas light installers. They can do it all and make your holidays less stressful.

So if you’re looking to hire installers, we got you covered. Let’s look at how to choose the best Long Valley New Jersey Christmas holiday light decoration services for you.

Your Budget

When choosing Christmas light installers, you’ll want to begin by evaluating your budget. Doing so will allow you to have a basis for finding out which installers might be an option or not.

However, you mustn’t just go with the cheapest option. Unfortunately, when it comes to professional Christmas decorators, you usually get what you pay for. Be sure to compare the cost, services, credentials, and products of each installer.

Services You Need

You should also consider what decoration services you need versus each company’s offers. Most Long Valley Christmas light installers do just that—they install your lights for you. But additional creative design lighting services can make the entire process much more manageable.

Professional lighting design will help your home stand out while highlighting your home’s features. This also takes one of the more frustrating aspects off of your plate.

In addition to design and installation, A Brilliant Solution also offers to remove your lights at the end of the season. Decoration removal can be just as time-saving as installation.

Credentials and Experience

Technically, anyone with a ladder can hang your Christmas lights for you. But this not only leaves you at risk of having a poorly decorated home but can also lead to potential damage and financial issues. The best Christmas light installers are trained, certified, and have insurance that will protect both you and them.

One way to know you are hiring a highly-qualified installer is to check if they are CLIPA certified, like A Brilliant Solution. Members must attend training and testing and have experience and letters of reference from clients. In addition, you’ll know your installer has commercial liability insurance.

Since Christmas decorating can be a bit subjective, choosing an installer that has done work that you love will give you peace of mind that you’ll also love the work they do for your own home or business. Make sure to check your installer’s portfolio to see their past work.

With over 15 years of experience, you’ll know you’re in excellent hands with A Brilliant Solution Holiday Lighting.

Light Sources

Did you know the lights your installer uses can make a big difference to both the look of your home and your wallet? C-9 bulbs are a bit larger, giving you a radiant look around your home.

5mm LED lights are the perfect option for shrubs, garlands, and wreaths as they have a low profile but solid and consistent brilliance. Plus, LED lights also don’t get hot to the touch.

Since LED bulbs can use as low as 1/10th of the wattage of incandescent bulbs, you’ll also save a lot of money. This can reduce an electric bill spike around the holidays.

Premium LEDs available with A Brilliant Solution can even allow you to control the color of your lights. Whether it’s for your home or business, you’ll be able to choose the perfect color combination for your lighting.

Choose the Best Long Valley New Jersey Christmas Holiday Light Decoration Services

When looking for Long Valley, New Jersey, Christmas holiday light decoration services, it can be a bit overwhelming to find a professional Christmas light installation that works for you. You’ll find the best services for your needs by working step by step.

The holidays will come faster than you think! Contact A Brilliant Solution to get started today!