How To Make Holiday Mini-string Icicle Chandeliers

Your Guide to Making Holiday Mini-string Icicle Chandeliers

Your Guide to Making Holiday Mini-string Icicle Chandeliers

Add a bit of fabulous to your holiday decorations this year by creating a spectacular chandelier that is all about the sparkle. These chandeliers can be made in many sizes and shapes, and they are designed to hang and swag so you can place them over temporary dining tables and remove them easily after the party or season.

Take a look below at the steps to take to make beautiful holiday mini-string icicle chandeliers.

Holiday Mini-string Icicle Chandeliers Steps to Take

Step 1

Select a Plexiglas box that is 2 to 3 inches taller than the height of icicle mini-string lights that you want to use. You can select any shape. Often these types of boxes can be picked up at stack and carton stores or at plastic crafting stores.

Step 2

Cut a piece of half-inch plywood to the inside dimensions of the box. Drill two half-inch holes 1 inch from each side and center. Cover all sides of the plywood with shiny metal tape. You can even use a spray adhesive and aluminum foil. The idea is to make the wood mirror-like to reflect the lights. Slip your light string end through the hole until only your plugs are on the top side of the wood. Staple your icicle string lights to the bottom side of the wood, starting from the center and working toward the sides. Offset each row of lights to create a full effect.

Step 3

Staple crystal beaded strings of varying lengths to the spaces between the lights. These will add more reflections to the lights. You can also add weights to the bottoms of the lights to hold the strands very straight.

Step 4

Slide the wood into the plastic box and mark the location of each cord, and plug—drill two 1inch holes in the bottom of the plastic box. Screw a small screw eye into the wood next to the wood hole. Position this screw eye so that it clears the hole in the plastic. Attach a hanging light chain to each screw eye. Weave the cord up the chain and join the chains at your drop height. Swag your extension cord to the wall and outlet. You can cover all wires and chains with decorative fabric with a hook and loop seam.

Step 5

Hang each chandelier centered over a dining or event table. The chandelier will sparkle from the lights, beads and polished Plexiglas box, adding sophistication and whimsy to your holiday decorations.

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