The Story Behind Christmas in July

The Story Behind Christmas in July

Is Christmas in July a real thing? Who celebrates Christmas in July, and if so, what day is Christmas in July?

Let us start by discussing Christmas in July and how it all began.

The Story Behind Christmas in July and Is It a Real Thing?

It is, and since several countries celebrate this tradition, like the US and Australia, it leads to several beliefs about the origin. Below we list the oldest theory along with what some, like the Australians, believe.

For many, it is believed to have begun in 1933, 84 years ago; Fannie Holt, the Keystone camp co-founder in Brevard, North Carolina, along with her young girl campers, started the tradition.

Typically at campsites, cabins were identified by junior and senior campers, but in 1933, instead, they decided to call them pixies, elves and dryads. As the tradition evolved, the campers began hanging laundry bags outside their cabins to look like a makeshift stocking so the camp counselors could fill them with candy during the night. As the years went on, the Christmas in July tradition at the camp grew more festive as they began to dress like reindeer, elves and Mrs. Claus and exchange gifts.

However, Christmas in July was not given public attention until 1940, when the Hollywood comedy movie “Christmas in July” was released.

And so yes, At Camp Keystone in North Carolina, Christmas in July is still real and has spread throughout the southern and northern hemisphere.

In Australia, they believe their Christmas in July began with a small group of people creating the days in the Blue Mountains of Sydney.

Who Celebrates Christmas in July?

Because in the southern hemisphere, summers fall in December, January and February, and winters fall in July, July and August, many countries such as Australia, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa and New Zealand choose to have a second celebration of Christmas to experience the winter feel.

For example, Australia is one of these countries big into celebrating Christmas in July.

Australians of European and British heritage know the tradition of celebrating Christmas in the cold weather. Because of its association with cold weather, Australians like to celebrate Christmas in July, also known as Yuletide and Yulafest, to get into the colder winter spirit since, typically, July is the coldest month in Australia.

But note, this does not mean December 25th gets ignored; no, it is still celebrated as the natural Christmas; they just choose to have two celebrations; one in December and another in July.

Australians primarily use the month of July as another reason to have gatherings with friends and family and hold public events. In addition, it is used for commercial purposes like the display of Christmas trees in Sydney, Australia’s Pitt Street Mall.

But, you must know that this tradition is not only celebrated in the southern hemisphere; it has become a global one throughout Europe and beyond.

What Day is Christmas in July?

The term has become popular worldwide for many reasons. For example, retailers in the US and Canada will offer Christmas in July sales events to boost merchandise sales when the shopping season slows down in early July after the summer shopping rush has ended.

As for a particular date, nothing is set globally as each country chooses to celebrate it in their unique way.

The Phillippines begin their Christmas in July celebrations four months earlier, in September and running through the end of the year.

In Italy and other parts of Europe, some like to celebrate on June 25th, six months after and six months before December 25th.

Christmas in July! A Movement That Continues To Spread

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