Top Tips For Storing Christmas Decorations

Top Tips For Storing Christmas Decorations

Storing Christmas Decorations Safely

As the holiday season begins, people across the country grab their Christmas decorations from their garages, attics, closets and basements.

As we open our boxes, we find ourselves untangling a massive ball of Christmas lights. Sometimes we find one of our favorite bulbs is broken, and finding mice droppings or perhaps even a dead mouse inside your artificial tree box is not uncommon.

In this article, we discuss how this can be stopped. By storing Christmas decorations properly, you can prevent pesky critters from getting into them and avoid broken ornaments. In addition, upon opening your stored decorations, you will be stress-free and save time, resulting in a much more enjoyable time for you and those helping you decorate for the holiday season.

The following top tips for storing Christmas decorations will help you in organizing your wide array of decorations so they are safe and look beautiful when the holiday season comes around again.

Storing Table Linens

When storing tablecloths and napkins, you want to take special care. First of all, if you store your items in the basement in a cardboard box or container that is not sealed correctly, you risk the possibility of moisture damage. If you have space under your bed, storing the linens here can be a great option.

When storing your linens in a container it must be airtight. First, make sure the containers are fastened tightly. Next, take a cardboard wrapping tube, roll the linen around it, and store it neatly within the sealed container to avoid wrinkles.

If you do not have storage space or choose not to use containers, you can hang your linens on a hanger in the back of the closet.

Both ways work well to have a fresh-looking tablecloth and napkins when the holiday season arrives.

Wreaths and Christmas Trees

When storing your wreath, you need to find something to help keep its shape. A large, square, plastic box is perfect and will keep the critters away. Another possibility, if you have the closet space, is to put a hook on the back wall of the closet. Wrap your wreath in a plastic bag and place it on the hook at the back of the closet. Both ways help keep your wreath in its original shape and look perfect when it’s time to bring it out for decoration.

When it comes to an artificial Christmas tree, you want to ensure that it is stored properly to keep the pests away. If you don’t have the box your tree came in, you can find a Christmas tree storage bag at most stores. These bags are perfect for keeping pests at bay. Unfortunately, pests will find their way into a cardboard box when they search for warmth; therefore, we highly recommend using a durable Christmas tree bag that can be tightly sealed.

Ornaments and Lights

Storing Christmas decorations such as ornaments and lights the right way is essential. There is nothing worse than opening a box of your precious keepsakes to find one that has been broken. To remedy this situation, you can do several things. Here we list three ideas to keep your lights, special bulbs and decorations safe.

  • Store the more miniature ornaments in egg cartons. Then, when the carton is complete, simply stack it in a box to keep them safe.
  • There are also ornament boxes available to help you save these mementos of Christmas’ past. If you don’t want to spend the money on a specially designed box, try to take a wine box and fill the spaces with shredded paper, layering your ornaments in the middle. You can also make your own ornament box and use paper cups and shredded newspaper to keep the decorations safe. Put the cups on the bottom of the box, put some shredded newspaper in one, lay your ornament on top and then cover entirely with shredded newspaper. You can layer these cups on top of one another as long as you place plenty of newspaper between them.
  • Take Ziploc bags and put one ornament inside. Before zipping up the bag, blow the bag full of air. This air, when sealed tight, can help to protect your ornament from breaking.
  • To store Christmas lights in a container take a strong flat piece of cardboard and wrap the lights around. If the cardbard is not sturdy, the lights will make it bed. When done make sure to cover with protective paper before placing with other decorations.

Candles and Wrapping Paper

Use old pantyhose or knee-high stockings to store your Christmas candles to cover them safely. This will prevent scratching; just make sure you store them in a cool, dry area.

Christmas wrapping paper is the easiest to store without worrying about damage; however, keeping them in a dry, moisture-free space will keep them safe for years. They can store nicely under beds, behind doors with custom-made boxes or wired storage baskets, in carts made especially for them, and even in laundry baskets.

Aren’t These Brilliant Solutions?

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