5 Interesting Smart Ways to Use LED Lighting

5 Interesting Smart Ways to Use LED Lighting

Smart Ways to Use LED Lighting in Your Home or Outside

If you are looking for a simple but interesting way to make your home more energy-efficient and lower your electric bill, replacing your existing light bulbs with new LED versions is one of the most effective changes you can make. LED lights use far less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and even compact fluorescent ones.

The usefulness of LED lighting goes far beyond replacing the light bulbs in your lamps. There are plenty of other ways to incorporate LED lights into your home d├ęcor, including the following ideas.

Light Up Hard to Get to Places

Whether it is the area above the basement steps, that high ceiling in the entryway of your home or the light in the garage, replacing those existing lights with long-lasting LED ones is a smart idea. One of the biggest benefits of LED lighting is that the bulbs last a long time, and that means less work for you.

If you are tired of climbing the ladder or dragging out a step stool every time a light bulb goes out, pick up a selection of LED bulbs and give yourself one less thing to do. Whether you wait for the current bulb to burn out first or replace it now, you can benefit from the long-lasting nature and energy efficiency of LED lighting.

Light Up Your Aquarium

If you have an aquarium in your home, replacing the existing lighting system with an LED version can make fishkeeping more fun. Fluorescent lighting looks good but LED lighting is far brighter and lasts longer too.

There are plenty of ways to retrofit an existing aquarium for LED lighting, so you do not have to disrupt your existing setup to upgrade your fish tank. The upfront cost of an LED aquarium light is higher, but the overall cost of operation should be much lower.

Dress Up Your Medicine Cabinet

If there is one place you need true light, it is in the bathroom medicine cabinet. LED light bars are perfect for the bathroom – they look great, the lights last a long time and the lighting is less harsh than the fluorescent version.

LED light bulbs for the bathroom are widely available and easy to install. You should be able to do the work yourself in just an hour or so.

Add a Backlight to Your Vanity

Adding a backlight to your bathroom vanity is the perfect way to add elegance to what would otherwise be a utilitarian space. Whether you are in the midst of a bathroom upgrade or just trying to brighten things up, adding an LED backlight to the vanity mirror is a smart idea. 

LED lights are perfect for backlighting. The brightness of the LEDs is perfect for the bathroom, and when dimmed they create a perfect, and perfectly elegant, look.

The growing popularity of LED lighting is due to a number of factors, including the energy efficiency of the technology, the low cost of operation and the elegant look and feel LEDs impart to every room of the house. Whether you are upgrading the lighting scheme in your kitchen or bathroom or just trying to change light bulbs less frequently, LED lights are a perfect choice.

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