Facade Lighting Design Ideas & Fixtures

Facade Lighting Design Ideas & Fixtures

How To Create Dynamic Facade Lighting

When night falls, people need light to help show them the way — even if the moon shines in full force.

Fortunately, we have electricity and various light fixtures to use, but there are ways to take advantage of lighting besides simply brightening a path. Facade lighting fulfills that function perfectly; with the proper outdoor setup, it’s possible to accent and enhance the aesthetics of a building and have it leave an impression despite the darkness of night. This primer will prove it and show how to get the most out of a building.

We are a holiday lighting company that offers incredible Christmas lighting displays for buildings; however, when it comes to any type of lighting, it is our passion to help building owners stand out no matter the time of year. So, let us get started helping you with facade lighting that is sure to impress.

The Facade Effect

The end goal of proper facade lighting is to highlight a building despite a viewer’s distance or the shadows of the night. Whether emphasizing the company logo or drawing eyes to an impressive-looking building, the interplay of light and darkness can turn what would typically be a concrete box into a work of art every night. As a result, onlookers can have the building, and the company behind it etched into their memories — and maybe turned into loyal customers.

The Key to Good Lighting

Not all buildings are created equal, so different equipment and techniques may be needed to get the optimal facade lighting. For example, if using ground-mounted floodlights, it’s essential to consider each light’s setback, spacing, and aiming. The setback involves the distance between the lights and the building, with an optimal ratio — three-fourths the building’s height — maximizing uniformity and efficiency. In turn, the spacing between those lights should be twice the length of the setback; meanwhile, the aim should focus on a point two-thirds of the building’s height.

It’s always a good idea to keep ratios in mind when installing lights, but it’s just as wise to know the primary attributes of a building. Material, shape, and color are worth keeping in mind — alongside general cleanliness, such as trimming wild plants. In terms of lighting, several rules apply via different distributions. Grazing light, for example, emphasizes specific details in a building, while wash lighting — illuminating objects using wide beams — shows everything within its range. By combining lighting techniques with the natural elements of a building, it’s possible to use light and shadow alike to create various effects and a strong contrast, which boosts the visual impact for onlookers.

The Right Light for the Job

As mentioned, grounded floodlights make for a good option for increasing a building’s luminous appeal. Still, various types of light exist and can provide options that can suit any building or create an artistic statement. For example, LED luminaires offer a spread of colors alongside white tones, coupled with ease of use and installation. 

High-intensity discharge lamps and fluorescent lamps are also available; the latter provides different colors and tubular accents — with efficient energy use, no less — while the former shine powerful beams that emphasize colors and shadows. More variations are available for purchase, depending on the owner’s needs and the building. In general, the right combination can create any desired ambiance while saving energy along the way.

With the range of options available, it’s not only possible to create potent facade lighting; it’s strongly recommended. No matter the building — a company’s headquarters, a historical landmark, an architectural marvel, and more — the proper lighting can make it into something no onlooker can gloss over. Consider the options and circumstances, and then find out what facade lighting can do for you.

Light Up For The Holidays

We hope you have enjoyed this article and have learned quite a bit about fa├žade lighting. If you need Christmas holiday lighting installation, do not hesitate, and reach out to us at A Brilliant Solution Holiday Lighting. Be sure to check out our 5-star reviews.