Flanders NJ Holiday Lighting Services

Flanders NJ Holiday Lighting Services

Flanders NJ Holiday Lighting Services: A Brilliant Solution For Holiday Lighting

According to a recent survey, Americans spend about three hours and $70 each year decorating for the holidays. If you want your home to stand out, your numbers are probably higher. Considering the additional time, you’ll spend shopping, preparing for the holidays can get overwhelming!

What if there was an easier way to get the beauty of Flanders, NJ, holiday lighting without all the hassles? Luckily, there is! Working with a professional can make the process much easier.

Read on to learn about A Brilliant Solution for your holiday lighting needs! 

Flanders, NJ Holiday Lighting Solutions

If you’re looking for lighting services, it’s essential to know what your options are. At A Brilliant Solution, we can take care of your holiday lighting needs, from design to removal.

Design Services

Our Flanders lighting services start from the beginning. Often, designing what you want your holiday lights to look like can be overwhelming. You want them to stand out while also looking beautiful and accentuating your home.

Working with a design professional can help you make your dream come to life. We can incorporate lighting ideas you have while not overwhelming you with the whole task.

Residential Lighting

Installing holiday decor on your home can be dangerous. To reach your roof line, you would need to climb a very tall ladder and possibly even walk on the roof itself. For many people, this is just too much. 

Luckily, A Brilliant Solution can take care of it for you. We use C-9 lights with 12” spacing. This gives you optimal coverage while maintaining a clean look. These lights will add bright accents to your home’s features, making it one of the best on the block.

We’ll also install LED lights on all the bushes, wreaths, and garland applications you need. We use lights that look transparent against their surroundings, letting the lights speak for themselves.

Ever try to get outdoor tree lights out of your trees and bushes? Many people find it frustrating and time-consuming. Not only do we offer lighting installation, but we’ll also remove the lighting once the holidays are past.

Commercial Lighting Services

Holiday decor isn’t just for the homeowners. Beautiful LED lighting can help your brand stand out, whether it’s Christmas or not! Since you can customize the color, you could use your lights to promote a special event or sale.

Our lights are low-profile and blend in with the building’s trim. You can leave them up year-round, making the holiday season easier.

Lighting Technology

Our premium LED lights give your beautiful light without breaking the bank. Since they have a low profile, they’ll blend in with your home during the day, and other times, they are not turned on.

These lights also allow you to fully customize and control them from anywhere. You can have almost any possible color combination and control them right from your device! 

This can be especially valuable for commercial properties. You’ll be able to control multiple locations and synchronize the lights across them.

Make Putting up Your Christmas Decor Easier

If you want to make the holidays easier, consider working with a Flanders, NJ, holiday lighting service. At A Brilliant Solution, we’ll take care of everything from designing to installation to removal.

If you’re ready to start, contact A Brilliant Solution Holiday Lighting for a quote today!