Randolph NJ Holiday Lighting & Installation

Randolph NJ Holiday Lighting & Installation Services

Randolph NJ Holiday Lighting & Installation Services

As a home or business owner in Randolph, NJ, holiday and lighting installation is probably something you start to think about as the leaves begin to fall off the trees. After all, that means Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are just around the corner.

And in the summer, we all need backyard lighting to make the most of our patios, yards, and beer gardens—cafes and restaurant owners, we hear you. Perhaps you’re celebrating Christmas in July with a beach-themed party!

But putting up holiday lights yourself is complex and can even be dangerous without professional equipment. And sourcing all the string lights, bulbs, and novelty lights individually takes a chunk of your budget.

Read on to learn how our holiday lighting company can help make the task easier.

Residential Holiday Lighting

There’s nothing better than custom residential lighting to make your home stand out from the crowd during the holidays. A Brilliant Solution focuses on energy-saving, low-maintenance LEDs for their residential lighting designs. Just tell us your budget and the look you’re interested in, and we’ll make it happen!

If you’re not sure exactly how you want your home to look, take some time to browse photos of home holiday lighting online. Once you have a few examples you like, take them to your consultation with your lighting designer.

Commercial Holiday Lights

As many as 80% of customers say they’d prefer to shop at a store with an attractive storefront. And nothing says “look at me” more than custom commercial lighting.

Our low-profile, cloud-based LED systems won’t disrupt your building’s facade. They remain hidden during the day, only to come alive at night when you flick that switch—or press “on” on the smartphone app.

The colors are limitless, the bulbs and systems are low maintenance, and our team of professional commercial lighting designers can work with any budget.

The Types of Lighting We Use

At A Brilliant Solution, we rely on C-9 lights with 12+ spacing for our standard installations. This provides optimal light coverage for a bright, clean design.

We use discreet 5mm LED lights in bushes, trees, and garlands—it will look like the lights are just floating in mid-air!

Of course, let us know if you have a particular type of light in mind. Our experienced lighting designers can let you know if that exact holiday lighting will work for your property or suggest similar alternatives.

Lighting Technology That Works FOR You

Imagine a holiday light you can turn on and off—or even change color—from your smartphone. Work with A Brilliant Solution, and this will be your reality!

We use a premium brand of RGB LED lights with cloud-based control solutions that:

  • Are customizable using any device
  • It can be controlled from anywhere in real-time
  • Are manageable across multiple properties
  • Come in a wide range of vibrant colors and brightnesses

Best of all, LEDs use less energy than traditional bulbs, saving you money on your holiday season electricity bills.

The Randolph, NJ, Holiday Lighting and Installation Experts

Are you a business or homeowner in Randolph, NJ? Holiday and lighting installation doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. For over 25 years, Jack and Kyle Kramer, a father and son duo at A Brilliant Solution, have been helping homeowners across Northern New Jersey light up their residential homes and commercial properties for holidays like the 4th of July, and Halloween, and Christmas.

If you want to enjoy and reap the fantastic benefit from the experience of lighting company owner-operators Jack and Kyle Kramer, contact A Brilliant Solution for a free estimate today.