Guide to Commercial Grade Christmas Lights

Guide to Commercial Grade Christmas Lights

Commercial Grade Christmas Lights

Did you know that many municipalities have specific codes regulating the use of commercial Christmas lights? That’s right – in some cases, commercial-grade lights can have more versatile uses than you think.

What better way to celebrate than with lights? Don’t just choose any lights, however. Consider using commercial-grade Christmas lights instead to decorate the like the pros.

So, what kind of Christmas lights do professionals use?

This post will show you what kind of Christmas lights professionals use, the differences between commercial-grade Christmas lights and regular lights, and if you can use commercial-grade on residential property or not so, keep reading.

What Kind of Christmas Lights Do Professionals Use?

The answer to this question may surprise you. Professionals use regular old Christmas lights as well as commercial-grade lights. So it all depends on the situation.

At times they use the same type of lights sold in stores that come in all shapes and sizes. Commercial-grade Christmas lights are more expensive and often unnecessary for residential properties, businesses, or smaller projects.

Of course, this varies as it depends on the setting.

You may find that the professionals use commercial-grade lights on a city central Christmas tree in New York City or Morristown, NJ, or in a multi-property complex, but see residential-grade lights outside of a doctor’s office or small courthouse. 

What Should You Use for Commercial Grade Christmas Lights?

There are a few different types of commercial-grade Christmas lights. LED, incandescent, and mini lights are the most popular options. Professionals will use LED or incandescent lights on a typical basis. That’s because they last longer and give off more light.

Mini lights are less common because they can be difficult to see from a distance. The brand can also be another big factor. Professionals will usually use either GKI Bethlehem or National Tree brand lights.

That’s because they’re very durable and get the job done.

Can They Be Used on a Residential Property?

The answer is, it depends. Generally speaking, professional-grade Christmas lights aren’t meant for residential properties. They shouldn’t be used without checking your local electrical codes and your city. However, it can be safe to use commercial-grade Christmas lights on a residential property.

It would be best to remember that certain lights are only appropriate for exterior use. At times, they’re used residentially, if for decorative purposes only.

Remember that while the general answer depends on certain factors, it’s only truly a yes if your municipality allows it! In addition, you’ll want to consider that commercial-grade lights and residential-grade lights were made separately for a reason.

There may be specific laws regarding what kind of lights you must use to qualify as a display. Sometimes homeowners’ associations even require particular types or brands to be allowed at all.

When installing the lights, make sure they don’t touch power lines or posts. That could be a fire hazard, as with any setup of lights. Also, make sure your extension cords are strong enough for the lights you have.

Additionally, ensure the cord has enough wattage ratings, so all your lights work correctly together without any unexpected issues during or after installation.

Learning About the Different Lighting Options

So, what kind of Christmas lights do professionals use? Commercial-grade Christmas lights have a few key differences from regular lights. A professional Christmas lighting company will choose what is best for each unique property.

Commercial grade Christmas lights are brighter than traditional holiday bulbs, making them perfect for businesses or other large properties that want to be visible from a distance. In these instances, they need to carry more power; therefore, the wire is more durable, requiring special adaptors when installing.

If you’re interested in learning more about commercial grade Christmas lights vs. traditional residential lights, click here so A Brilliant Solution Holiday Lighting can discuss your Christmas lighting options.