8 Tips: How Early Can You Put Up Christmas Lights?

How Early Can You Put Up Christmas Lights?

When to Put Up Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are one of the most beloved and iconic holiday decorations. Strings of glittering bulbs adorning trees, wrapped around railings, and lining the edges of rooftops immediately evoke a sense of festive cheer. However, one of the most common questions about Christmas lights is when is the appropriate time to put them up?

While there is no definitive rule on when to put up Christmas lights, most people agree that early to mid-November is a good time to get started. Here are some factors to consider when deciding when to put up your Christmas lights:


Frigid weather can wreak havoc on traditional incandescent Christmas lights, causing bulbs to burst once the mercury drops below freezing. However, modern LED holiday lights are unaffected by plummeting temperatures. LED technology thrives in the cold, growing even more efficient and bright when the thermometer bottoms. So, while icicles may form from your rooftop, your LED outdoor Christmas display will shine unencumbered.

If installing LED energy-efficient outdoor lights and excessive cold weather does not affect them, the only reason weather can be an issue is how you feel in the cold. However, most homeowners and business owners want to ensure their Halloween decorations are down before starting their Christmas lighting outdoor display.

Holiday Crowds

Many communities and tourist destinations put up Christmas lights to coincide with the kickoff of holiday crowds. Places like theme parks, downtown shopping areas and tourist towns often start stringing lights in October as holiday shopping begins.

Many New Jersey light shows start mid-November and go through December 31, while some extend into January. For example, The “Turtle Back Zoo Holiday Lights Spectacular” runs from November 18 to December 31. And “Let It Glow,” a holiday spectacular featuring large lantern animal and nature displays, runs from November 1 to January 15.


Some people prefer to wait until after Thanksgiving, as this holiday traditionally marks the unofficial start of the Christmas season. Putting up lights before Thanksgiving may be viewed by some as intruding on Thanksgiving’s space.

Beat the Holiday Rush

Beat the excitement of Christmas lights is partly due to their role in holiday build-up; remember that most households are also busy with shopping, parties, and visiting family come December. Putting up lights in early to mid-November ensures you’ll have them up with plenty of time to enjoy.

Check Local Regulations

Some neighborhoods or homeowner associations have rules about when you can put up Christmas lights and take them down. Make sure to check any regulations.

Test and Replace

Putting lights up in advance gives you time to ensure all bulbs are working and replace any strands that are worn out or faulty. This helps avoid issues closer to Christmas.

Enjoy the Lights, Longer

By putting lights up in early November rather than waiting til late November or December, you’ll be able to enjoy over a month of delightful twinkling as opposed to just a couple of weeks. More time to enjoy!

Plan Accordingly

Putting lights up later in the season can feel rushed and stressful while doing it earlier allows for relaxed pacing and careful planning.

As mentioned, most experts recommend putting Christmas lights up sometime between November 1 and 15 in most regions. This balances weather, avoids holiday fatigue and allows adequate time to check lights, replace if needed and tweak displays.

While there’s no definitive rule on when to put up Christmas lights, early to mid-November strikes a good balance for most businesses and homeowners. With a bit of planning, you can deck those halls in style.

Let Your Holiday Sparkle with Professional Lighting

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