When to Take Down Christmas Lights & Decorations

When to Take Down Christmas Lights & Decorations

We’ve all seen the house. It’s February or March, and they still haven’t bothered to remove their Christmas lights. Many people think decorations should be taken down by then.

However, besides not still having your lights up on Valentine’s Day, few people follow any set rules about when to take down their Christmas lights.

So once January rolls around, you might wonder, “what date should Christmas decorations come down?” Let’s look at when you should remove your lights and other traditional Christmas decorations.

What Date Should Christmas Decorations Come Down?

While there is no firm deadline to remove your Christmas lights, a few guidelines can help you decide.

Epiphany is considered the official end of the Christmas season. Because of this, January 6 is generally a good time to take down your Christmas lights.

Another good time to remove your decorations is after New Year’s. This is a more unofficial end of the holiday season.

Can I Leave My Christmas Lights Up All Year?

Leaving up Christmas decorations a little longer can make some people feel better despite the dreariness in January. In fact, Blue Monday is considered to be the most depressing day of the year.

If you want to leave your Christmas decorations up into January because it makes you feel happy, go for it!

We recommend taking down Christmas trees before they get too dry. Once real trees get too dry, they can become a fire hazard. It’s best to remove them from your house before they cause danger.

However, nothing is stopping you from keeping your lights up all year. These tend to be the most work to put up among the major types of Christmas decorations, so you might want to leave them a little longer.

How to Make Christmas Light Setup and Tear Down Easier

A lot of people find taking their Christmas lights down to be annoying. They either take their decorations down early to get it over with or leave them up longer in procrastination.

Luckily, there are ways to make both setup and tear-down easier. By working with the lighting professionals at A Brilliant Solution, you can make the entire holiday season much smoother and brighter.

We’ll create your dream light design to highlight your home’s features. We’ll also handle everything with the installation of your lights. You don’t need to worry about taking down your Christmas lights when the season’s over.

If you’d rather leave your lights up later, that’s okay too. We can even use RBG LED lights.

With these, you can change the colors to match other holidays. This is especially helpful if you have a business and want to use your lights as another form of advertisement.

How Long Should You Keep Christmas Lights?

The question of “what date should Christmas decorations come down?” has a few possible answers. You might want to remove them either after New Year’s or January 6. However, if your Christmas lights bring you joy, feel free to leave them up even later.

Want to make your Outdoor Christmas Holiday Lighting much easier? Get in touch with the lighting experts at A Brilliant Solution!

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