7 Best Tips For Lighting Your Garage

7 Best Tips For Lighting Your Garage

Lighting Your Garage Does Not Have To Be Hard

You might think a garage is just a place to store your car, but it can be much more with the right lighting. A well-lighted garage will allow you to see everything more clearly and make it easy to find what you need quickly and easily. A well-lit garage is also essential for safety reasons.

You may also be surprised at how much brighter a well-lighted garage will make you feel. Lighting will make the whole area seem more welcoming and inviting.

Lighting Your Garage In The Best Ways

Light the Steps and Walkways

When approaching the garage, ensure your walkways and steps are well-illuminated. Safety first!

What would happen if you tripped while walking down an unlighted path?

Lighting will help you navigate more safely to and from your garage. To make your path safer, light the stairs and walkways to and from your garage. Additionally, adding lights will help prevent falls due to stumbling over tools or puddles you can’t see in the dark. 

Light-Up Work Areas

In any garage, many of us spend a fair amount of time at a workbench or table. Positioning fixtures above and to the side of these spaces ensures the surfaces will be well-lit without creating shadows or glare that could impede your work.

Illumination in these areas will also help you read labels on tools and supplies and other instructions that may be relevant to the job at hand. You’ll work easier, faster, and safer if your work areas are well-lit. 

When considering bulb choice for task lighting, plan on using fluorescent or LED bulbs with a color temperature of around 3500K (also known as “bright white”). These types of lights produce a crisp white light that is easy on the eyes yet still bright enough for close-up tasks like detailed woodworking or auto repair. Plus, LED lights are the best choice for unheated areas, as they become more efficient when temperatures are cold.

Install Spot Lights Over The Shelves

If you have shelves in the garage, installing spotlights will illuminate the shelving area, which is highly beneficial for seeing what’s on them.

Another option is to use battery-powered under-cabinet lights with motion sensors. Once installed and turned on, they’ll automatically turn on when you walk underneath them for a minute or two. They won’t detect your movement if you install them next to the electric outlets you’re using for your power tools.

Ensure enough light fixtures provide adequate and even coverage of the garage. If you have one light fixture hanging from the ceiling, it may not provide enough light to cover the entire space, and shadows will form where you can’t see well.

Add Lights Above or Next To Vehicles

Light your garage door and the wall next to it, so you can see what is around it when opening or closing it. Perhaps a wildlife animal is just outside of it. Of course, you need to know.

In addition, you need to light the parking area in front of your vehicle. This should include lights around the garage’s perimeter above or next to your vehicle.

If you work outside after dark, you’ll also want some illumination in those areas. Be sure that all these types of lights are designed to withstand outdoor conditions, including rain and snow.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Use natural sunlight during daytime hours. If your garage has windows, open them to allow natural ambient light into the space while working on projects during daylight hours or when cleaning up after work in the evening hours.

Another way to get natural light in your garage is to install skylights. Skylights are large windows built into the roof of your home. You can install them on any roof part to bring in natural light. Skylights are best suited for new construction projects or major remodels since they require cutting into the roof and installing a window that allows light in without letting rain and snow inside.

Talk with a professional roofing contractor before installing skylights. If your roof isn’t strong enough to handle the weight of the skylight, you may need to replace or reinforce it before installation.

Install Motion Detectors Outside and Above

Think about security lighting with motion sensors. This is a great way to protect yourself and your property by illuminating anyone who approaches — whether they are invited guests or unwelcome intruders.

As mentioned, we all can have unwelcome intruders. Hence, as it is essential to light up inside the garage for many reasons, it’s highly recommended to install motion detectors outside and above the garage doors. Who knows when unwelcomed visitors will enter your property, so let’s keep them from staying.

And What About Lighting Your Garage During The Holidays?

Ahhh… who does not love to see a beautiful home lit up during the Christmas season? Not sure many of us can say, “we don’t.”

If you are in the mood to light up your home, including the garage, as it most likely faces the street and is a big part of your home’s curb appeal, contact A Brilliant Solution Holiday Lighting here. Let us put you on our schedule no matter what time of the year, as our Christmas lighting schedule fills up quickly.

Is Lighting Your Garage Essential?

You need a brightly lit garage mainly for safety reasons and to see what and where you are going and doing. Without good lighting, it’s easy to injure yourself in a dimly lit garage.

You also need to see the tools and materials you are working with and all parts of your vehicle. That way, if something looks out of place, or there is damage that needs attention, it won’t go unnoticed. If everyone could have a well-lighted garage, there would be fewer injuries. And, of course, never forget lighting up outside. So, make lighting your garage a priority!

So, How About Safety Outside The Garage On the Driveway Itself

As we have discussed the critical reasons why adequately lighting your garage is crucial, let us go a bit further and offer you a link to view the benefits of a clean driveway. You may not realize that safety plays a vital role on your driveway itself as well as inside the garage.